My Ancestral Lines I have spent several years researching my family history and have finally decided it was time to publish my results on the web. This is the home page of a multi tree website. At this present time I have four trees that are listed under the “My Lines” page with a link to your left. These family trees are traced back from each of my grandparents. If you have any common acestors, please contact me by using my contact page or email.. In addition to this site, I also have a several blogs that are based on the locality of that particular line - please see my blog page if you are interested in this. These lines are quite diverse in their history and origins - my ancestors left some amazing footprints across this country and the world. They lived during exciting times in history and certainly played their part. Many of them came to America 100 years before the United States was a sovereign nation. Many of them gave their lives so we could worship God and have freedom in this country! Please be patient as I just started building this site in October 2010. It will take some time to get it up and running correctly! Buttons are sticky - keep trying! Welcome to the home of Ancestral Footprints Made with Xara An invitation to tread in the footsteps of our illustrious ancestors Welcome